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Youth Venture strives to build lasting connections with youth in the Greater Vancouver area and introduce high school students to the field of engineering. In particular, Youth Venture encourages students to think critically about current issues on both a local and global level. We aim to help students develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills by exploring how engineering can be used to overcome present challenges. We plan to realize these goals by developing informative workshops for elementary schools, assisting high school students with their transition to university, and hosting design competitions based on real-world issues.

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At Youth Venture, our goal is to encourage young people to explore the applications of engineering when solving real-world problems.




Life as an Engineering Student Event

The Life as an Engineering Student event is designed to introduce high school students to engineering at UBC. The event featured a student panel consisting of UBC engineering students in various years of study. Topics of discussion included course selection, second year placement, co-op, design teams, clubs, and more. Students had the chance to ask current engineering students any questions they had. The event concluded with a campus tour where students visited some of the common lecture rooms, engineering buildings, and iconic UBC spots.

Climate Change Workshop

Youth Venture members gave a presentation to elementary school students about climate change. Students learned about global warming, the greenhouse effect, current events related to climate change, and actions students can take to combat climate change.


Water Pollution Case Competition

Youth Venture is hosting a case competition focusing on water pollution and clean drinking water. The lack of clean drinking water worldwide, as well as in many remote communities in Canada, is an injustice that must be corrected. Through participation in the case competition, students will gain insight into the barriers and challenges faced by communities when accessing clean water. Students will then work on developing a solution for treating a specific type of water pollution. Ultimately, the goal of the event is to raise awareness about the lack of clean drinking water and to encourage youth in B.C. to use engineering as a tool to develop sustainable solutions.

Our Team

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Venture Leads

Amarpreet Powar & Reena Said



Team Lead

Ruth Yu

General Members

Catherine Ng

Claire Lin

Loveleen Keshwani


General Members

Ada Hmoud

Ziyuan (Esme) Yang

Veronica Sapitula

Mona Pei

Ayzar Farooqui

Lehan Chandrabharathi

External Communications

Team Lead

Josh Goguen


General Members

Kendall Mooney

Prashant Wason

Kate Alexander

Laura Siemens

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