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Smoke-Free Homes is a new venture which aims to tackle socioeconomic, environmental and health issues in rural Guatemala. Our main project consists of providing Eco-Stoves for women and families in rural Guatemala. These stoves will improve their quality of life by reducing expenses, providing a safer environment, and removing toxic chemicals from their homes. This project also plans to incorporate engineering design to improve the current model of the Eco-Stove in order to make it more efficient and better equipped to address the needs of the Guatemalan communities.

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Bring together young and innovative minds to implement engineered solutions in order to provide families in rural Guatemala with efficient and safer alternatives to cooking on open fire pits.


Enable the development of sustainable communities in rural Guatemala while tackling health, socio-economic and environmental issues.


Management Team

The purpose of this team is to raise awareness about the adverse consequences of open-fire cooking in rural Guatemala. We also enable the process of gathering funds for the project through sponsorships, donations, and event fundraising. Currently, we are collaborating with Rotary Club East Guatemala to develop a sustainable business model to provide families with access to eco-stoves without relying on support from external organizations.

Eco-Stove Design Team

The purpose of this team is to improve the current Eco-Stove model using the engineering design process through input from Guatemalan stakeholders, lab testing, and design modifications. We want to increase the long-term adoption of our stove by Guatemalan families by designing a stove that fits their needs and cultural background while working with members of the community to achieve this.


Management Team

Management Team Co-Leads

Summer Park

Hayley Weeks


Engineering Design Team

Design Team Co-Leads

Anna Kostuik

Becky Otton


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