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All Hands In


EWB UBC has three incredible ventures this year: Engi-YOU Wellness, Youth Venture, and Smoke-Free Homes. Scroll down to get an overview of what each venture does, who the venture leads are and how to get involved!

Engi-YOU Wellness

Image by Kaylee Garrett

The purpose of Engi-YOU Wellness is to promote health and wellness within the student body by providing actionable tools and strategies for students experiencing personal and academic turmoil. Our aim is to assist students in overcoming their challenges and to provide a close-knit community and support system through action planning and stress management. This program provides a platform for students to share knowledge and experiences with other students. From sharing coping strategies to helping navigate daily stressors, students are able to find a voice, a family, and feel integrated within the community. 

Youth Venture


Youth Venture strives to build lasting connections with youth in the Greater Vancouver area and introduce high school students to the field of engineering. In particular, Youth Venture encourages students to think critically about current issues on both a local and global level. We aim to help students develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills by exploring how engineering can be used to overcome present challenges. We plan to realize these goals by developing informative workshops for elementary schools, assisting high school students with their transition to university, and hosting design competitions based on real-world issues.

Smoke-Free Homes


Smoke-Free Homes is a new venture which aims to tackle socioeconomic, environmental and health issues in rural Guatemala. Our main project consists of providing Eco-Stoves for women and families around Guatemala. These stoves will improve their quality of life by reducing expenses, providing a safer environment, and removing toxic chemicals from their homes. This project also plans to incorporate engineering design to improve the current model of the Eco-Stove in order to make it more efficient and better equipped to address the needs of the Guatemalan communities.

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