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The purpose of Engi-YOU Wellness is to promote health and wellness within the student body by providing actionable tools and strategies for students experiencing personal and academic turmoil. Our aim is to assist students in overcoming their challenges and to provide a close-knit community and support system through action planning and stress management. This program provides a platform for students to share knowledge and experiences with other students. From sharing coping strategies to helping navigate daily stressors, students are able to find a voice, a family, and feel integrated within the community. 

Wooden Hut


Engi-YOU aims to promote the health and wellness of engineering students at UBC and to help support the transition of first-year students through community-building.



Engi-YOU undertakes various projects throughout the year. Most of them focus on hosting different events for students such as workshops and socials to promote health and wellness. These events include stress management and time management workshops, a Wellness Week, fitness challenges, an upper-year engineering student panel, and our Annual Summer (Virtual) Scavenger Hunt. 

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Our Team


Aditi Sitolay and Alanna Yu

Communications Lead

Stephanie Quon

Events Team

Position           Name

Lead     Daniella D'Amici

Lead     Farah Azim

Lead     Sashreek Datta

Coordinator      Maitreyi Garg

Coordinator      Koya Yasuda

Coordinator      Christopher Chang

Coordinator      Ruba Ayoub

Coordinator      Tony Liu

Coordinator      Brigitta Kinara

Coordinator      Sarah Qadar

Coordinator      Sogand Golshahian

Coordinator      Shealie Lock

Coordinator      Krishma Singla

Coordinator      Mehmooda Evelyn-Piprawala

Sponsorship Team

Position                  Name

Lead                         Saksham Mahajan

Team Member      Kiara Suyanto

Team Member      Kyle Ah Von

Team Member      Nasrullah Shakil

Marketing Team

Position                  Name

Team Member      Viktor Atencia

Team Member      Anna Cao

Team Member      Joshua Mariano

Team Member      Rania Salimi


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