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UBC Engineers Without Border

Chapters are the beating heart of EWB. Across Canada chapter members are taking thoughtful and strategic actions to create profound social change in their universities, companies, and communities.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is an international development organization that grew out of a need for leveraging engineering to create positive social change. Of all the national chapters across the globe, EWB Canada has been a trailblazer in engineering an equitable and sustainable future for marginalized people and the planet. We do this by investing in people and ideas to initiate change at every level, including undergraduate students – the future engineers and policy-makers of our world. The goal is for each university chapter and its student members to cultivate their individual potential and leverage their engineering knowledge to address local and global challenges in Canada and beyond.


At EWB UBC, we host member-learning discussions to broaden our understanding of local and global issues and advocate for international aid transparency through our different ventures: Engi-YOU Wellness, Youth Venture and Smoke-Free Homes. One of EWB UBC’s goals is to invest in our community members and further develop their professional and leadership skills via community-driven collaboration. More than anything, EWB UBC is a launching pad for ideas, aiming to create a new generation of critical thinkers. We foster global thinkers by facilitating connections among community members and introducing them to new perspectives. Along with the work that the EWB UBC community does, we also focus on inclusivity and developing strong friendships.


We have four ventures:

Youth Venture strives to change how education is presented within our community around the Greater Vancouver area and expose students to real-world situations. Try to bring alternative perspectives to teachers and students to shape their views on engineering and the university experience and give students the pathways to put ideas into action. In Youth Venture, members are able to gain knowledge about sustainability and education practices while having the opportunity to work on their presentation and public speaking skills.

Engi-YOU Wellness seeks to empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives by promoting physical fitness, mental well-being and emotional development. We are investing in undergraduate engineering students, future professional engineers, consultants and entrepreneurs who are committed to innovative engineering solutions that protect the planet and enhance various sectors for current and future generations.



Smoke-Free Homes raise awareness about the adverse consequences of open-fire
cooking in rural Guatemala. Additionally, gathering funds for the project through sponsorships, donations, and event fundraising. Currently, collaborating with
Rotary Club East Guatemala to develop a sustainable business model to provide families with access to eco-stoves without relying on support from external organizations. The design team strives to improve the current Eco-Stove model using the engineering
design process through input from Guatemalan stakeholders, lab testing, and design
modifications. The long-term goal of adoption of their stove by Guatemalan families
by designing a stove that fits their needs and cultural background, while working with members of the community to achieve this.

ACCESS, which stands for Advancing Cervical Cancer Education and Screening in Sub-Saharan Africa, is dedicated to tackling the pressing public health issue of cervical cancer in sub-Saharan Africa, where the prevalence of this disease is highest. We believe that resourceful engineering solutions and community engagement come hand in hand in improving accessibility to cervical cancer screening technologies, ultimately contributing to the reduction of cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates.


At EWB UBC, each venture works to promote youth leadership and engage in social justice work


Our chapter is powered by forward-thinking, problem solving, and hardworking change-makers. Get to know some of the people involved in our community.


If you’re ready to play a key role in sparking profound and strategic social change, we’d love to collaborate. Join us today and contribute to a better tomorrow.


Keep up with our latest chapter developments: wherever you are and whenever you need to. Our slack channel is your insight into news, discussion, ideas and events.


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    Sept 6-8 (TBD)
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    Sept 6-8 (TBD)
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